We’ve all been raised by evil love stories

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The Nameless One

Another gem of a post thanks toOliver Emberton, thought provoking for the date today as you can see. Couldn’t have put it better. 🙂

A lifetime of bad lessons can mess you up. Let’s look at every love story ever told:

Boy meets girl

Boy meets girl. Their eyes touch and for a heartbeat the world stops turning. But it cannot be because there’s another guy:

Big muscles

Or perhaps another girl:


Or maybe just crappy ol’ circumstances:


This doesn’t stop our hero/heroine. Through their undying faith in destiny they battle to win the heart of Their One True Love.

Montage 1

And they succeed!

Win 1

Only to screw it all up for dramatic reasons.

Loss 1

And in one final act of soul-aching humility (that always seems to involve chasing a train or plane) our star-crossed lovers come to realise they’re perfect for each other.


And they live happily ever after. The End.

Win 2

Unfortunately, this is…

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“You know I’ve noticed it, it very upsetting….you go to church but no your god is money!”…  “I’ve noticed all of you Kikuyu’s are just greedy for money! That’s all you are!”. I went silent…strike that, I was dumbfounded at the level of mediocrity and stereotyprity of the man! “It’s just a matter of trust you know, just a matter of trust…” he kept on saying. “Well the same applies to you why don’t you practice it” I murmured as I passed him by to his Donald son and left!

Okay let me take you from the beginning, normal Saturday, calm and having people ‘pop’ in and out of my office. He comes in, a man, a white man, comes in with his son. See, they had come in for inquiries earlier and so I was familiar with their faces. I’m not in charge during the week and I’m barely in the office so I am unaware of the proceedings of the same .However when he came in I thought it was his first time riding a horse and so I took him through the protocol and took Donald out and lead him to get a helmet as I ordered for a pony to be saddled up that I saw fit. Reaching at the middle of my destination he calls out “maybe I should pay first?”

Note: it is okay to pay first, some people prefer it that way pay so that after riding they just freshen up and go without having to see me again. Others prefer the opposite. I have no problem with either way really!

So with his lead, I accepted “Okay , sure you can pay” as I passed him to go to the office having his kid and him closely behind me. I enter and sit at my seat and wait for him to pay up.

Note : I had not received any change or money for that matter from the previous transactions or income and so I was really hoping he would have change. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t but it’s no problem really because if they don’t have change the company can always credit them. This is the norm many a case! And since they always come often in a sequence it’s normally not a problem for some! well I got to learn, that not to all this time round!

He stood there aloof and gave me 2000 bob so I could give him 700 change, see a lesson for a kid is normally 1300 shillings an hour and 1100 for half so I presumed he was gonna go for an hour like many a clients do.

 “I’m sorry I don’t have any change don’t you have ….?” he gestures a no nod “well you could always put it on credit…yeah?”


So I take silent as consent and take my pen ready to scribble the 700 credit down for purposes of recording. Taking my pen and dragging the record book nearer so I can scribble he snaps ,“what do you mean 1300?” now I’m having  a mixture of confusion and puzzlement. I replied “isn’t he going for an hour?”

 “half!?” he said puzzled and almost screaming wait, no screeching.

“What is wrong with you people you are so greedy with money all  you Kikuyu’s you go  to church but no all you worship is money! money !money !money! I have noticed It and it is very upsetting Kikuyu’s all you guys want is money, money I can’t believe this. I can’t believe you want to credit 900 shillings no YOU PUT ME ON CREDIT”.

 I go silent and really pissed off ,“why do you want to take the 900?” ,he asked.

 I go like “aaamm you can always come and claim it in another lesson, we are not moving anywhere…”   “ no! no! no!”,  he interrupts “the same way, I will pay in another lesson you give me my 1000 back I return nodding my head as I  indicated how much was received.

“No! you  may go away but  you will always find us here..”  I try to convince him he starts again

“ I can’t believe this…”  I saw him continue to argue getting me really pissed off I stood up and passed him to go order for the horse saddling as I was passing him at the door, my height reaching him shoulder level  he goes, “ what tribe are you ?”

I go silent. He persists “what tribe are you?”

 I decide let him know ,see what he’ll say

“ I’m kamba” . He interjects as if getting a jackpot ,“ same case, Kamba, Meru, Embu, Kikuyu all the same, it’s a matter of trust you trust me, I trust you”

 I stared at him, standing not moving shackled out of my wits. Silent, still starring nodded my head and moved on.

“The same applies to you, trust me, I trust you”. I murmured as I walked really pissed at how he managed to come to my country and dare pull such a comment. He surely has no shame so my mind kept on going back and forth. I wish I told him I was not Kenyan, see how he would have been embarrassed. Y’all people should know how to behave when in other people’s lands. Kenyans may be tolerant and patient but not all people are like me. I was truly amazed at the perspective he had of our country yet he saw it fit to come live in it! His comments kept ringing in my head the whole day, TALK OF PREACHING WATER AND DRINKING WHINE!


At work, lunch time, I have nowhere to go as I always. I sit on my tending chair and take two packets of digestive biscuits I had carried from my place. I look through the door I can see the green shrubs of fences, hedges and a few stables. I eat all my biscuits all sit of them.  I’m thirsty I reach out for the fridge, there is soda, however my favorite, Stoney is not there neither is my second best Krest so I am left with no other choice except for Sprite Coke and Fanta. I close the fridge and go to the window, I look outside ,a few kids are on horses already some are helping others get on horses and adults too doing the same. Some are standing looking at the riders jump in the sand arena and others are getting on horses, others are leading the horses to the mountain block. I think “Mmmh same old same old” I look at the weather, calm windy a bit chilly but bearable, perfect weather for riding. I look at myself ,I am in a black sun dress,I don’t have my jogpurs  I go “hmpf…too bad”. I enter my central office and look at the refrigerator and opens it, takes a Fanta and goes to the other window, flower’s pink. Blank mind just a stare. I open my soda ,makes a sound. I take a sip of the soda, sizzling cold I cannot feel any part of my mouth body. I swallow quickly and there oh! I realize I had something in my mouth. Thoughts trickle down how sometimes in life ,everything maybe present probably too present but we are just numb to feel them. Mostly in relationships, how we’ve gone through so many of them each of taking a piece of us leaving us numb that when we’ll get our own, our one and only we will have become too numb to feel and recognize or realize that, that was way too present for present but we just did not realize it early enough and we realized it when we’ve already swallowed it.

Such a pity.