I remember the first impression I had of the article ,“You lazy intellectual scum By Field Ruwe” was OH my God I so want to kill this Walter dude but then again he makes so much sense! It was the kind of article that just keep shitting on your face and saying I just don’t give a f**of…. And constantly keeps reminding you of how an African you really are, just how much you rely on the whites, how you appraise them on basis of having everything good and yet you are the mere fact why they are who they are, how you are born of the dark continent as much as you keep twanging and having those ugly blonde weaves and how you have tried to denounce colonization and its mere existence in you head but no you just CANNOT DO!


It was the kind of article I saved in my saved pages of my small Ideos phone and I would go round giving people to read so I can just see their reactions. I remember my mum exclaiming at how “blunt the white dude was”-her words not mine.

So when I heard that Bill Jones and Kevin Njue were going to adapt it to a film I was like …..wwhaaaatttt!!!!! I so want to see it and I was hoping they do it justice. So now it is confirmed, “You lazy intellectual African scum” now has been produced as a film and is yet to premiere in a date not far from now 🙂 and I cannot wait for that…

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You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum!

aarrgh but yeea

Mind of Malaka

So I got this in my email this morning…

They call the Third World the lazy man’s purview; the sluggishly slothful and languorous prefecture. In this realm people are sleepy, dreamy, torpid, lethargic, and therefore indigent—totally penniless, needy, destitute, poverty-stricken, disfavored, and impoverished. In this demesne, as they call it, there are hardly any discoveries, inventions, and innovations. Africa is the trailblazer. Some still call it “the dark continent” for the light that flickers under the tunnel is not that of hope, but an approaching train. And because countless keep waiting in the way of the train, millions die and many more remain decapitated by the day.

“It’s amazing how you all sit there and watch yourselves die,” the man next to me said. “Get up and do something about it.”

Brawny, fully bald-headed, with intense, steely eyes, he was as cold as they come. When I first discovered I…

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Ever had one of those days that make you just want to end in a way but then again you still want more time of the same day? Like and extended 24hours? Those days that make you want to end…and then the ending comes and you go to sleep but you just can’t sleep because the day was too exhausting for you to have your piece of mind.

I have experienced those kind of days not too much in the recent past. I have been involved in a shoot. As a director; quick piece of info here, I have never been a director in almost all my projects just a talent, writer, D.O.P never the one to really call the shots. So then a project was handed to me, I read the script and was intrigued by it. I actually read it in one sitting, maximized on it that day then I had to give my feedback. I got the concept however a few changes were needed for it to be fully operational. In other words I accepted to be the director, later on, why not I figured, it was time!

For those who don’t know what a director means or is. Here’s what, on set – the place where the shoot will be-he/she is the one that calls the shots, almost all of them, he directs how the picture, the light, the talent will do. He is normally on board before any other crew is assembled. He is the creative that transfers his vision of the script into a movie and so most of the time he ends up talking and building character on his talent and explaining how certain shots will be to the D.O.P-Director Of Photography. He works hand in hand with the editor as well just to make sure they record something that can be used in the making of the movie. He is the one person who looks more of a zombie like the sound and editing guys :).

Now I took this project up, had the D.O.P, First A.D. draft the call sheets and shooting schedule the day prior to the shoot. It was a short film a probono thing with zero budget ,minimum time , most people had to use their own money for transport and food which is sad for a director to see; that some of your crew actually do not have the money for subsistence and you have no ability to change that. Anyway I picked the project and the D day was here. The shoot was set for two days-Monday and Tuesday. That meant people had to leave their classes and school schedule to show up for the shoot –again not a pretty thing. The shoot began late of course as any other shoots I know of 🙂 😦  (Not really which smiley to put in here. Anyway moving on swiftly).

I never quite realized how much work it actually is until I started shooting. Bring the ideas into is the hardest thing for a director to do because as you saw it in your head it was pretty with awesome camera angles but as you venture into the real thing you realize you actually don’t have all equipment necessary to do the whole thing :(.You finish for the day and go for D.I.T.-which is basically downloading and viewing the footage you shot and confirm if you had all you wanted. This is the most nerve wracking experience because this is the hour of truth, you get to see if you’re day was just a waste, if your blood tears and sweat will go to waste and if you’ll be liable for all mishaps on the footage. Then you realize some shots are awesome others aren’t exactly what you wanted and you go home devastated and try to sleep and gain more ideas but you cannot sleep. Your legs ache for standing too much and the moment you close your eye you just re-envision yourself redoing all the shots again!

You tell yourself, “what’s done is done” and now you try to concentrate on your sleep but no, you can’t !your mind is just wandering around on the following day’s call sheet and plan of shots. Then the alarm rings shit! You have to wake up now-slept for only three hours, you got to wakeIMG_7819 up, you got a whole crew waiting on you- nobody likes a late director! That is what it means to be a director-nerve wracking, anxiety attacks, daunting nights and tiring days! And you are not done yet! EDITING AND AFTER EFFECTS ARE WAITING!







I do not speak poetry

Or maybe poetry


Speak me!



In my effortless attempts

Of construction

Of what these may call


My head’s pain that knoweth


Poetry dislikes me



It might be the

Absence of words

Conjugation of syllables

Resonance and trials of

Making it

It sure does dislike me

Poetry loathe’s me


Enslaved by rhythm

Of linguistics pawns

Poetry dodges me

My liking and suffering

And attempts of it liking me


Still dislikes me….


Well poetry that is the rhythm of life

It loathe’s my still existence

Poetry dislikes me!