At work, lunch time, I have nowhere to go as I always. I sit on my tending chair and take two packets of digestive biscuits I had carried from my place. I look through the door I can see the green shrubs of fences, hedges and a few stables. I eat all my biscuits all sit of them.  I’m thirsty I reach out for the fridge, there is soda, however my favorite, Stoney is not there neither is my second best Krest so I am left with no other choice except for Sprite Coke and Fanta. I close the fridge and go to the window, I look outside ,a few kids are on horses already some are helping others get on horses and adults too doing the same. Some are standing looking at the riders jump in the sand arena and others are getting on horses, others are leading the horses to the mountain block. I think “Mmmh same old same old” I look at the weather, calm windy a bit chilly but bearable, perfect weather for riding. I look at myself ,I am in a black sun dress,I don’t have my jogpurs  I go “hmpf…too bad”. I enter my central office and look at the refrigerator and opens it, takes a Fanta and goes to the other window, flower’s pink. Blank mind just a stare. I open my soda ,makes a sound. I take a sip of the soda, sizzling cold I cannot feel any part of my mouth body. I swallow quickly and there oh! I realize I had something in my mouth. Thoughts trickle down how sometimes in life ,everything maybe present probably too present but we are just numb to feel them. Mostly in relationships, how we’ve gone through so many of them each of taking a piece of us leaving us numb that when we’ll get our own, our one and only we will have become too numb to feel and recognize or realize that, that was way too present for present but we just did not realize it early enough and we realized it when we’ve already swallowed it.

Such a pity.


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