I salute this woman,she bared life with the fulness of it despite the handicapped legs and was able to bring this beautiful foul into this world.Salute #magicalstar


magical star and her newly born foul-so cute.The morning of delivery. #petsandloveforhorses

Salut to you Abigeal for enduring the semester with this beauty inside you.

Abby and her baby yet to be born in one of the toughest semesters we had#friends

Abby and her baby yet to be born in one of the toughest semesters we had #friends

Salute to you Mariam,for making me an auntie among many other cousins:)


cousin Mariam -making me an auntie for the very first time I salute you #mama Imaan

and finally but not least salut to this woman for enduring have me for a firstborn and my very loud sisters for her kids,for being there even when you don’t want her to,for being understanding and sometimes annoying hihi,for being the sexiest woman at the age of 47 alive,for being a beautiful soul and the reason I am who I am today.For embracing fun and accepting to learn how to ride a horse at the age of 46.I love you mother always have,always will


Mum having her first horse ride. #iloveyoumother #ofloveoffamily #thankyoumamakamum

To all mothers out there .HAPPY MOTHERS DAY




The short film exploits the events of the Westgate attack and the effects it had on the victims. As the story unfolds on a letter, written by the victim about the damage it did to her, the trauma she holds in her, still evident in her voice and tears as she scribbles down the happenings of the day that left her inner core maimed at the very least price of a nation.

Njonjo Kiroga’s words on the lucky one.

GENRE: Drama

The lucky one poster

The lucky one official poster

DURATION:3minutes 43 seconds.


D.O.P: Njonjo Kiroga

WRITER: Njonjo Kiroga

EDITOR: Gikonyo Muguimi

PRODUCER: Kitili Caroline and Davidsen Mwangangi

MAIN CAST: Annerita Kiriamiti

INSPIRATION FOR THE FILM: The Westgate attacks.

UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES: How much fun the project was considering we shot it in only 24hours and had fun.


CHALLENGES: Shooting in the middle of the Campus Shopping Centre with all the distractions, the difficult task of controlling the masses. Editing and Sound were a major headache. The first sound cut was a major disaster and we had to redo it delaying us by two weeks and getting the recorder was a major hurdle.


Mr. E.M Mwangi- the director


Ever heard the saying that goes “success comes to those who thought of themselves bigger than they are?”yeah I know,there is no saying like that but you get the point.There is no formula to success other than to believe that you are higher than who you are,that you hold the key to the best chance in life you can possibly give yourself.That is the secret weapon of successful people.The law of attraction-think positively and positive things will follow you”so if you think you indeed are great then…


So now as you tame yourself in the path to success remember you are only as good as tomorrow lasted,the strongest will always survive and believe in yourself more than anything or anyone does and things will fall into place.

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” James Cameron

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” Chris Grosser