If I Were to Write a Poem to an Ex


I miss you when I’m cooking eggs.
No. Really.

I miss you when I’m missing my new girl.
She has no ass like you.
But she has prettier eyes than you.
Eyes like two moons.
On a grey cloud.
She is nothing like you.
Nothing like us.
Nothing like the fights we had.
Until ugali and sukuma wiki.
Turned cold.
Like pussy before.
Nothing like you.
She is.
She is not a poet either.
So if I break her heart twice.
I’ll know her tears will be true.
Her pain won’t be empty words.
On a page.
And the world won’t give a damn.
About our drama.
Like who didn’t clean the dishes.
Or who texted first.
She won’t hide her smile.
Behind colourful words.
And three layers of lipstick.
She is nothing like you.
She is smart.
She is lonely.
I can easily cheat on her.
With you.

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It is a curse indeed …makes

you feel really good then just

like time it fades away

Leaving you with the

Scorching scars of its wound.

It really is a curse, it binds

you to an eternity of memories,

tears, whispers

laughter of the solemn
An oxymoron of life

It is a curse indeed, the

blackness in black
Yet only so when in the

It is a curse to those who

do it in the dark
The human intellectualism

n understanding of the doctrines of life
That it is a mandatory deed

A seed that once sowed

Always grows
The tama of it all
It binds the minds and souls

Yet it is a dark curse


It has been a while since I wrote. I have missed this, I have missed writing. While I was away a lot has happened. I have been involved in many a film experience, many that I will forever cherish. I have been able to shoot using a windows phone and worse I was made to edit it. Well  I am teaching myself to edit .After I got difficulties in finding an editor who really took my work seriously as I did and was available for the time it needed him ,I realized that I really needed to know how to edit. I might one day bail myself from a footage just laying on my laps after the hard work of shooting ends. So I embark to get all the footage I shoot so I can patch the story up without limits and deadlines and hopefully know how to edit. I am on a path to perfect it. So today I celebrate editing it .My first almost flawless edit –A short film called THE BUMP,i am still a long way to go though.


Me,the director and camera crew in the New Eden re-shoot in Nanyuki.On set doing a confrontation Scene.I was the A.D.

I have been able to be on a professional set as an A.D. while back. Being an A.D really opens your world to how things should and will work as a director since you get to mediate between the two parties,the director and the crew. It was challenging but what a better way to learn than to be subjected to conditions not normal to you. So I was successful, the set went smoothly and we were able to finish all that was set to be finished however I could not sleep for days we were there! I have learned A.B.C of film and I am confident that I am not the same person two years back.

I was able to make my first feature film. A documentary about The Thika super highway and though it was made in just a few days with hectic timings and schedules, the documentary really trmdid work out for the best. Now I agree that you have to film to learn film making, that is the only way you can learn the DO’s and DON’T’s of film making.Having tasted this world I want to live in it forever. The feeling one gets after seeing the reaction of your audience, especially if they are moved by your story is just a whole spectrum of emotions that I cannot do justice in writing. It is one that I will forever hold in my memories.The thunder of claps all at the same time as the film faded to black then the credits appeared will be the sound  I hear everyday as I sleep and wake up to make films..

Finally I have just finished writing a 200 paged script. Hectic? yes very much. I am an emotional writer. If you read my fictional stories you might experience it. I write with emotion. Having to write the 200 page script even if it was for my final year project was a challenge not because of the size and bulk but because of the amount of emotional variation I had to subject myself into in order to write. I had to be heartbroken and torn, widowed and ashamed. So I had to select days where I could just write and leave my characters for my life. Anyways I finished writing the big manuscript of a script.Seriously the printed version looks like an encyclopedia.Now reading the script has got me at the edge of my seat with some of the conversations just making me giggle by myself. I must say it was worth the challenge.

This is the end of the semester and I must say the progress I have noted is in filming. I am becoming a better film maker by the day and I cannot honestly wait for Machawood to begin. I am thankful for this semester .My last fourth year semester!


I lie here and Listen as she snores
So tender n peaceful
As she makes out of her imagination
The choice of her dreams
I wonder about her
About her future and the families
She is almost a decade younger than
Yet she seems to have t figured out.

My mind wonders alot
About him,his ego had been hurt on
several occasion only carcasses of
are left
The leader of the family
poverty beckons
He is in despair n in a isle excuse
of manhood
He is trapped between
His ages command
N his responsibilities
Poverty beckons

Now I watch her cry day in day out
On the treacherous routes her
supposed love took
To leave her empty as a skull
His infidelities scar her innards
I listen to her whine daily
On how men are dogs n bad n I see
the sad face she always wears as a
Truly wen it rains it pours
Poverty beckons

Maybe the poor belonged to
Maybe they were not chameleonistic
as the opposite
And maybe I’m being judgmental
but the poor pour.
They fill the earth with poverty
They are like a plague,unwanted,
unperceived but always present
Poverty beckons.


I posted on mother’s day and today’s post celebrate the fathers in my life. The fathers who have nurtured me and molded me and sculpted me into being the person I am today. I celebrate all those who have made an impact in my life and lead me to the right paths.


I celebrate this man whose resemblance I took without boundaries, the one who has held my hand since I was a toddler to now –a grown ass woman 🙂 and he Insists on calling me “kamum”.I appreciate the words of wisdom he has from time to time shared and the love he proudly gives to us-his family. I honor him this day, that he may remember the joys of fatherhood is being there for you family which I can attest to that.

Happy father’s day daduts-we all love you big.


Uncle with his two sisters.Auntie and my mom

I also salute this man. My best uncle and dad. He is the best that come. He has shown his unending believe in me which has helped me grow. He always keeps telling me “kamum wanaume ni wabaya, wewe soma and make something of yourself then when you bring that boyfriend home, nitamuitikia”-I’m still working on that.I love you uncle to bits. Happy father’s day and may you live long.


Uncle Paco and our baby Chelsy dancing to some song..

The most chipper and joyful grown up I know. My uncle Paco –he is the most happy and joyous grown up person I know. He is like the friend who mistakenly became you dad’s brother. I remember you this day and celebrate you. May your attitude

and laughter never cease. Happy Father’s day to you Uncle Paco.

Other people who have shaped my life is my family, my brothers and sisters who have given me the unending believe and trust. Even in times when I don’t what I’m doing they always believe that I will make it. Through the bad and the good times my family will always be my number one supporter and I appreciate that. I honor and celebrate you as the people who have molded my ways. Happy father’s day the ANDENGAH’S


tight squeeze in there! Dad and his Three daughters.

And to all my friends who are proud father’s i salute you.It ain’t an easy job-

Tonny ,Mwangi, Herman ,Gashu,Kamaa, Jemo, Vincent owakah y’all know yourselves


Tonny and his kid Solange-so cute 🙂

;- this one is for you with losta love.

Screenings: Korean Film Festival 2015, Jun. 24-26 2015 @ Alliance Française

Did you miss the European film festival…here is…

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events

Korean Film Festival 2015
The Korean Embassy in Nairobi hosts the Korean Film Festival;

Dates: June 24-26, 2015
Venue: Alliance Française Auditorium
Time: 5 & 7.30 pm
Entrance free!

Films to be screened: Forever the Moment, Nameless Gangster, The thieves, The host, Papa and Haeundae

More information on the Korean Embassy in Nairobi

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For most film students the utmost pride they brace themselves for is getting an award, getting to be recognized through the festivals. Getting the acclamation and just trying to make a name for yourself before actually getting the big challenge of doing a feature film. The film industry is not easy to hack especially if you are just a new bee, however all is not lost. You can always judge where you lie and how good you really are when you give yourself a challenge and what a better way to do that than to actually place your work in an international forum?

Film is a very expensive venture one that needs to be well thought off. Most films that get such acclamation are feature films which are even more expensive especially for students. Students normally rely on probono services, trading in their services to get equipment , experience, among other negotiations that deem friendly and convenient at that time. While most of them just make films to learn a few arts, for school projects, others do it to have the experience while others for international if not national acclamation. So for those who believe they have what it takes to have this year’s awards what can you do to hack these festivals?


There are few steps you need to be aware of:-

Step One:-

Know the type of festivals present all around the year and their qualifications. There are many festivals that run through out the year. The most known one is our very own Kalasha awards, Zanzibar Film Festival(ZIFF),Udada Film Festival ,Slum Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Arusha African Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, Africa World Documentary Film Festival ,Pan African Film Festival among many others. In each of these festivals they have sub branches where each genre of film lies as well as a theme to go hand in hand with the timing of the festival.

Step two:-

Know the dates of their deadlines for submission as well as the time and place of the said events .Then work your film to fit in to those specifications as acquired.

Most film festivals have submissions running during the first quarter of the year, i.e. from January all the way to around April-May. The ceremony happens during the period of the second quarter running through to the third quarter of the year then it is the festive season.

You can take a case study of this year’s film festivals schedules and get to know how things really work and how to manipulate them to work in your advantage. Getting to know the specifications required is also important. They help curve your idea to fit their requirements, which brings me to the next step.

Step three:-

Having that in mind then you have a clear picture of what you want to do with you film. You will know what kind of genre to work on and the theme to base your film on as per the festivals. In most cases than not, you will set your productions running through the last quarter of the year. This is advisable because by the time the year is ending you already have a feel of what might be on the look out for the next festivals. It will be easy for you to make a film that goes hand in hand with the themes as well as with the requested specifications.

Step four :-

Once pre, post and production is done you submit you films to the different festivals in different categories and wait for you to win an award.

There you go,you now hold the key and a step further to that award.Please remember that The most basic thing to do is to plan yourself very well in order for you to have it successful. They say failure to plan is planning to fail.

I wish you all the best..