I lie here and Listen as she snores
So tender n peaceful
As she makes out of her imagination
The choice of her dreams
I wonder about her
About her future and the families
She is almost a decade younger than
Yet she seems to have t figured out.

My mind wonders alot
About him,his ego had been hurt on
several occasion only carcasses of
are left
The leader of the family
poverty beckons
He is in despair n in a isle excuse
of manhood
He is trapped between
His ages command
N his responsibilities
Poverty beckons

Now I watch her cry day in day out
On the treacherous routes her
supposed love took
To leave her empty as a skull
His infidelities scar her innards
I listen to her whine daily
On how men are dogs n bad n I see
the sad face she always wears as a
Truly wen it rains it pours
Poverty beckons

Maybe the poor belonged to
Maybe they were not chameleonistic
as the opposite
And maybe I’m being judgmental
but the poor pour.
They fill the earth with poverty
They are like a plague,unwanted,
unperceived but always present
Poverty beckons.


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