I posted on mother’s day and today’s post celebrate the fathers in my life. The fathers who have nurtured me and molded me and sculpted me into being the person I am today. I celebrate all those who have made an impact in my life and lead me to the right paths.


I celebrate this man whose resemblance I took without boundaries, the one who has held my hand since I was a toddler to now –a grown ass woman 🙂 and he Insists on calling me “kamum”.I appreciate the words of wisdom he has from time to time shared and the love he proudly gives to us-his family. I honor him this day, that he may remember the joys of fatherhood is being there for you family which I can attest to that.

Happy father’s day daduts-we all love you big.


Uncle with his two sisters.Auntie and my mom

I also salute this man. My best uncle and dad. He is the best that come. He has shown his unending believe in me which has helped me grow. He always keeps telling me “kamum wanaume ni wabaya, wewe soma and make something of yourself then when you bring that boyfriend home, nitamuitikia”-I’m still working on that.I love you uncle to bits. Happy father’s day and may you live long.


Uncle Paco and our baby Chelsy dancing to some song..

The most chipper and joyful grown up I know. My uncle Paco –he is the most happy and joyous grown up person I know. He is like the friend who mistakenly became you dad’s brother. I remember you this day and celebrate you. May your attitude

and laughter never cease. Happy Father’s day to you Uncle Paco.

Other people who have shaped my life is my family, my brothers and sisters who have given me the unending believe and trust. Even in times when I don’t what I’m doing they always believe that I will make it. Through the bad and the good times my family will always be my number one supporter and I appreciate that. I honor and celebrate you as the people who have molded my ways. Happy father’s day the ANDENGAH’S


tight squeeze in there! Dad and his Three daughters.

And to all my friends who are proud father’s i salute you.It ain’t an easy job-

Tonny ,Mwangi, Herman ,Gashu,Kamaa, Jemo, Vincent owakah y’all know yourselves


Tonny and his kid Solange-so cute 🙂

;- this one is for you with losta love.


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