Outset, just as the name suggest means the birth or the beginning of something. This is a film written by Charity Moraa, directed by E.M Mwangi, produced by the Flochamm films and Kingmoraa productions. Having its main actors as Oti played by Kimani Wandaka, Jenny played by Njeri Gatheru and Kingston their child, played by Glenn Leon Ageng’o.

Having One step at a time for a tagline this 20 minute family drama, showcases   the struggle in our current family set up. It seeks to journey with Oti in his midlife crisis which transcends to his drinking . The story illuminates on how tough life is getting upon every dusk and just how one can get stuck and trapped in the web of life. How broken dreams and lost hope have created holes in our hearts and yet we still manage to move on.


Oti’s behavior is inexcusable and damaging yet in this spectrum of marriage he strains both Jenny, Kingston. All is not lost though as jenny receives counsel from a priest and decides to give Oti a chance. This was the turning point of their life. The small acts of mercy and goodness turn their world around.

Outset is an emotional journey that speak right to the heart, preaching what many people go through. “With the crew as the one I had, professional and dedicated ,as a director once you give them what your vision is they will deliver, but you also have to respect them so that they respect you ” says the director who mentioned the art director, Peter Pages, as the most outstanding crew member in his group. He attributed this to his prowess and eye for detail.

This film still in the post production is yet to disclose the premiere date. Stick around to know the dates of the premiere.

Below are some of the behind the scenes photos.

bts 1

The director framing a shot.


The team behind the camera.

We wish the team all the best in this journey!




6 thoughts on “OUTSET

  1. Wow! i love her creativity,determination and way of thinking.. Charity Moraa she is definately one to watch out for! Remember that name.. you go girl! Flochamm all the way

  2. I like the story line …. Its relevant especially in our modern society. …
    congrats Charity an your team….
    cnt wait

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