My year began with a bang! or should I say I was more positive towards life than I have ever been. I have had my difficulties and challenges but I choose to celebrate my victories and so I write, Gratitude for the simple things in life that bring us joy.

This year I have been able to direct my very first short film called CHANCES, this is probably the best and worst experience I’ve ever had, an oxymoron I know but seriously getting to direct a film regardless of it length makes you really appreciate any film you have ever seen and the men behind it. Chance is that film that I had envisioned and I knew exactly what I wanted however what I wanted was not possible so it taught to use the things that are available at that time.

As I write on chances I am thankful of the team I had. I experienced no fights on set no brawls whatsoever, what a good way to introduce me to directing I guess JI have to congratulate my team who won in their different departments, the winner of the best Actress Nidah ,my costume manager Lila and my make up artist Lizz. I cannot forget to pass my thanks to my D.O.P and producer Sandra Nyawira who believed in our abilities to take part in the Boys Vs Girls competition and not to forget the different department that so loyally came out and worked despite the major financial hurdles we faced, Head of department art, Salome Matu ,sound manager Cathy, lights peninah ,the production manager Magaret Njeri, my editor Elsie who didn’t sleep nonstop editing(the worst experience for me-not sleeping aargh) not to forget my able runner Mercy, vigilance for continuity, behind the scenes Masido and finally the able writing of Jean Akinyi. I believe the film gave us a chance to learn .I know I did.


I can walk without crutches, I have discovered that I need to stay positive for life to be positive towards me and so that is what I will do. I am getting deeper into my field in film and the chance and opportunities are getting higher by the day. I threw the crutches away…yes they are props now haha…see me on the red carpet rocking heels? Who would have thought(somebody should really take an initiative to be dressing me for these red carpet event yawa…this is now becoming embarrassing)DSC_0328

My trauma is ending upon each day, I sleep with no fear. I can now handle myself on the highway. I am yet to seat at the driver’s seat but hey it takes a step to move a mile. I am taking time to heal Jso far the accident is just but the past and I have now moved on, no more scars.

Did I mention I am editing now? Yes ?No? Maybe? Oh well I’m starting to really teach myself how to edit and I hate It so requires a lot of patience which I normally don’t have but I just have to know it. It is the key to being a good director so maybe that’s a good thing I don’t know!

Grateful for my life and its challenges. This is the new me, taking life positively …lemme see where this will lead me… J


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