I think I will be right to say this semester has been one short and fulfilling one. I have been more sentimental than ever. Releasing my feelings to the world and writing everything I went through. Despite the health issues that deemed the semester a disaster before the beginning of it , it has been a delight all through.


An initiative I took to take up literature as one extra unit for so that I just read a lot of our African literary works bound results. The intertwined lectures of neo colonization and decolonization majored by the African cinema and literature lectures . The survey of African writers’ literary texts, of Ole kulet’s presentation of his book Daughter of Maa-a pure delight and twist of the traditional Maasai culture infringed by the westerners life of education. The spree of culture in that book and the effect of colonization in different colonies. The pain in the personas of the poems in the book When the bullet begins to flower-of slavery and colonization in west Africa. The voices of hope and smells of death as smeared into words and paper. The situation of Morris and his black brother jack in South African Blood Knots in the apartheid regime. The pain of the woman in Mariama Ba’s Scarlet Song among ,a man of the people. The always informing lecture of Dr. Mbai. The ever filled literature hall, the presentations on issues of feminism, colonization and decolonization of the mind.9780582785953

The one class I’ll miss is music’s Dr Shitandi’s class. It has nothing do with with storytelling nor it’s art but just the sheer scholarly arguments that filled the class 3 hour session. It was always a delight for the students(me) since they were passing time but this aids to see how people think which is very interesting. Of course the African cinema lecture. This lecturer, Mrs Hongo reminds me so much of my mum. My mum is this woman who I find very intelligent .that could be because she is always reading something. I like the depth she goes in to a discussion mentioning book A to book Z. Mrs. Hongo for me did this during these lectures. She could move from Mariama Ba’s So long a letter to Scarlet Song to Ngugu Wa Thion’go Decolonising the mind to a film Roots ,Winnie Mandela while explaining the colonization and scramble of Africa. She gave me a piece of mum J

This semester was more of creating awareness to us Africans through different texts and films as taught. To crown that up-the red carpet media screening of “Intellectual Scum” just to tell Africans to know what war they are fighting and who exactly they are fighting. I am definitely wiser than when I came in this January.


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