I remember the first impression I had of the article ,“You lazy intellectual scum By Field Ruwe” was OH my God I so want to kill this Walter dude but then again he makes so much sense! It was the kind of article that just keep shitting on your face and saying I just don’t give a f**of…. And constantly keeps reminding you of how an African you really are, just how much you rely on the whites, how you appraise them on basis of having everything good and yet you are the mere fact why they are who they are, how you are born of the dark continent as much as you keep twanging and having those ugly blonde weaves and how you have tried to denounce colonization and its mere existence in you head but no you just CANNOT DO!


It was the kind of article I saved in my saved pages of my small Ideos phone and I would go round giving people to read so I can just see their reactions. I remember my mum exclaiming at how “blunt the white dude was”-her words not mine.

So when I heard that Bill Jones and Kevin Njue were going to adapt it to a film I was like …..wwhaaaatttt!!!!! I so want to see it and I was hoping they do it justice. So now it is confirmed, “You lazy intellectual African scum” now has been produced as a film and is yet to premiere in a date not far from now 🙂 and I cannot wait for that…

Official Poster






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