“I believe that you do not need that anymore,” he said as he pointed at my crutch that leaned on the side of the chair next to me.

I looked at my leg swollen as a pig, dark and having toes point out different directions.

“but why Is it this swollen and painful” I ask. Tears almost welling up my eyes.

“Do you sit a lot? He asks

“No …

“Do you walk?”

“Yeah alot! Have you seen K.U.?”

“Okay…then there’s only one reason, this only shows there was trauma and it seems it was not handled well back then. When did you get the accident you say?”

“October 6th

“Then it should have healed by now,” he continues “what we do is we manage a wound as this one at the prime time so it goes to the normal way. Your leg should be able to go back to normal once it is under the right treatment. You should be able to do the activities you did even before the accident…were you doing any activity?”

“Activity? like physical or?” really getting confused and almost giving up

“Yeah something that requires your legs function…”he adds

“Oh yeah ,except from walking, I used to go to the gym, do a few aerobics, aahhh I used to horse ride, jog ,dance” I’m like should I continue cox the list is endless

“Okay then you should have recovered you full legs function by now. Can you please turn the leg from your ankle”

I do as instructed first slowly then faster as the time goes.

“then tilt it like this for me?” He asks

I do as told. It is abit smooth.

“Okay you see seems like the ankle is working on well so we just have to maintain the leg, We can do that by tying a crepe bandage around it.

“Oh yeah I had that before…”I cut him short. Finally I can see the is light

“Do you know how to tie it?” he asks

“Yes I’ve done it a million times…well almost a million times” I chuckle

He smiles

“Okay then just concentrate on the place most swollen. I will give you a prescription for the pain…”

“Aah Okay what time should I tie it?” I ask, now I’m concerned. The mere thought of the crepe bandage brought memories best kept as memories so it worried me that I was going back to having my leg tied again!

“In the morning as you start you day’s activities. Have it tied do you know why?”

I nod, no

“Ever noticed that your legs tend to swell more when you are seated because, the veinous system is thin and therefore doesn’t have a the pressure to pump the blood back after it has been pumped out of the heart and is getting back to the heart. Yeah? The arteries transport the blood to the rest of the body as it is coming back it goes back through the venous system. Having you seated and having the venous system so close to the skin, makes it even worse because then the pressure needed is twice as much. See its struggling to pump blood back up, you divide your body into two with the lower half choosing gravity .So most of the blood is concentrated at the legs bringing about the swelling…that’s why I was asking you if you seat a lot.” He explained

I’m like ohhhhhhh okay

Ah now I understand. We are both quiet, all that information slowly sinking in.

“I want you to go to room three, the nurses’ station and see if they have any crepe bandage.” He orders

I rise up and stretch to get the crutch.

No…he interrupts me “I want you to go without it.”

“Without?”, I ask just to have it clarified for me.

“Yes just go. It’s down the hall first room on your right.” He instructs


I stand up and go to the nurses’ station, there is no crepe bandage but there could be later on in the day.

“There no crepe bandages.” I say.

“Fine how about you come check later on?

“Yeah that’s fine…that’s what I was thinking about!” .

So do you agree with me that you do not need that?” I nod yes, “I want you to try walking without it tomorrow and see how it goes. Just carry it around and use it when absolutely necessary.

Okay …I say mildly not really sure if his idea was a good one because, K.U is far way too far and I live in Ruiru so the distance is doubled for me. However I say I will try it.

“Get on that and try to cycle it for me” he interrupted my stream of thoughts.

I get on top of the cycle and adjust the amount of resistance and start to pedal slowly.

“You see activities like this would help circulate and bring back the muscle in the leg. Do you swim?” He asks


“Yes underwater therapy will also be advisable. Water massages the foot and it has resistance so it should be able to the same in like three weeks’ time” silent I just keep cycling in pain, “I want you to start this medications first to get rid of the pain and begin therapy immediately. You can come here and cycle at least twice a week ,get your schedule and fix it. Then you will tell me what you feel after that.”

“Okay”, i say as I get off the cycle. Tired already and in a lesser pain than I initially had.

Three days after both therapies I dropped the crutch and now I can walk without one even in K.U. It only takes one person to take the jigger out of the foot to make the leg right and while in most cases the shadows that haunt us live within us ,it requires one person to tell you the bitter truth for you to move on to the next stage in life. I am happy, I am already in that stage. Physiotherapy is working magic and I am hopeful I will walk very well and even be able to ride again, can’t wait for that! J









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