He maintained his rhythm, steady dipping in and out, holding his breath and taking the whole moment in. She was finally here! Finally! He had managed the three months abstinence all because of her. She knew him well-sort of, always knew where to press, when to press it how to press, what buttons needed pressing and frankly speaking he did not want any other girl turning his once best moment into a vague memory. It was ecstatic not to mention her regalia to always play hard to get-it was always worth the wait. She was the one in more than just one way. He loved her, he loved her-he thought. She definitely did more than enough to make him abstain for 3 months and this was the day.

she lay supine on his bed, her perky creamy brown skinned breast pressing hard on his chest, her legs apart her aroma feeling the air. He held her tight as he took the moment in. Her body all shaped up evidence of the workup she had pulled up. Her waist slim and her butt protruded in resembles of the true African planes .His hand were roughed up rugged at her back and the other up under her neck. Looking past her and he let out a small groan almost an escape of a sigh. In out, slowly in and out. He could not look at her, she was too beautiful to face and what he was feeling was enough to have him release before engaging in any penetrations. She ruled his brain! This was it, he could not contain himself.

“I really do like you…alot” he said facing away, taking a long breath and sighed at the heaviness of that realization, steadily continuing with his rhythm,in and out. In the background some music playing-not really sure which one it was-it didn’t matter at all, it just completed the mood! She felt him penetrate her walls ,he cared, it was slow just as she had requested. Slow and steady ,she could feel him tremble above her and his struggle to say these words that weighed a lot on him.

“God I had really ,missed you”…sigh…still looking away not trying to bring himself to look at her face, still going in and out, still slow and steady. She looked at him from beneath his stature, her sight hitting his faintly bearded cheek. His eyes staring straight ahead in his own reverie and complete composure. She stretched to look at him all in vain. His face completely avoiding her piercing eyes.

“lemme get up top…” she interrupted his stream of thoughts

“no…no…”he whispered looking down and cupping his face on her shoulders .

“I don’t want…I don’t want to let go…i…just wanna stay here…just in here…hol…”he chocked in his words not having the strength to continue with it. Sigh “…don’t…” he stopped and went silent as if recovering from his sentimentally intense reverie still cupping his head deep into her shoulders ,mouth open and still avoiding her gaze.

“look at me…”she said… “look at me” she insisted in the whisper kissing his cheek and probing him to look at her. Slowly he raised his head still engaging in coitus and looked at her, his mouth open engaging in peeping escaping sighs, his eyes pierced straight into her ,into her eyes and she knew, she understood. He really did feel something for her. She looked at him, his body stretching up and down, slowly, at his eyes that confessed and tore his very ego apart. His cute nose… at his mouth, she leaned forward and tightly gave him a long wanting revealing kiss that left them both gasping for air after they let go off each other. Cupping his face between her hands she whispered.

“I missed you too a lot ”, and he smiled kissed her at the cheek and aggressively held her tight fastening his grip increased his movement in pitch for the climax. Together they reached down for it and he looked at her moistened face and thought she must have been the one.

“I love you”, he whispered, and there and then just realized what he had just said…


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