I peep from behind her as she is having a phone call. This being has got me into curves I didn’t even know existed, bones I didn’t know I had. She is complicated. Almost as if she knows exactly what hole she puts me in every time I see her!

“yaani u can’t stay a day without missing me…”she chuckles and breaks in her stiff neck as she rocks her head side to side. She stretches her arm to touch her neck lightly. Still in her conversation .Oh my that just turns me on like hell…she is so hot!

I stand and watch her engage in little undirected movements as she is indulging in the conversation on phone. She does her small sexy chuckle she always has. By the way who is she talking to? It has taken a while. I stand still and listen intently. Curse me but I was just protecting my sphere of influence-yeah I think I can still use my history vocabulary.

“Haha… I know…what? man yaani darsy came?”…that wakes me up from my so hot sexual fantasy. Darsy? who’s darsy?darsy is a man’s name right?

“OMG I’ve missed Darsy…how’s he?…….I feel like I missed out on a lot…. Awww…haha” another chuckle .Okay that’s it !

Time to show her who she really is with .I approach from behind and let my tongue go loose at her neck as she handles the phone. My hands as well, just to remind myself of how long I had stayed without feeling them feeling this. Mmmhh close to six months, mmmh she changed her perfume. This is a different scent all together I love it. My nibbles and kisses go as far enough that I hear a goodbye.


She getting into it, she has fallen into to my advances. She is quiet I now, as if waiting to see what will happen next. I pull her in as I devour on the neck slowly making letters with my tongue. She likes it. I can hear her small moans under my ears. Her breathing rate has increased and I could feel her tightly pressed breast on my chest. They are firm HESUS! as if demanding me to give them their fair share of pleasure.

I let go off her neck, and look at her. It’s there, it is her eyes…that perfect time they choose to be really sexy and irresistible. I look down at her. At her eyes, her nose slowly down to her lips engaging in small bits of escaping of breaths. I stare at her, at her lips. At how red the lower lip has turned now ,how sexy she is as she bits that lip JESUS!I go in for the ultimate goal. She retreats…what the hell!!you don’t get to that…NOT NOW! Sasa What’s wrong .

I look at her inquisitive, my eyes big with worry, confusion and will…trying to read between her eyes. I pull her closely tight to me. She puts her hand at my chest as if to defend herself from me.

Okay I get it. This is risky…any stupid move and I might aswell forget getting any tonight. I loosen up in the hope she will talk it over and I will have my way with it.

“What’s wrong?”I ask…in a whisper at her ears as I smoothly pull in for her neck and my hands down at her waist . ”why can’t you kiss me” I say as I stretch her to look at me.

“Because” she says as she looks past my shoulder to the other side completely avoiding my eye contact and a possiblility of a kiss.

“Because of what?” I say trying get her back to my eye leveled gaze without much effort she retreats ”what is it?”

“I don’t want to…” she says as she stubbornly refuses to abide by my plan.

She is leaning at my shoulder, her hands touching my chest. I am in a maroon hoodie jumper she ,in my black sweat coat. The day is freezing and she is also whispering to me in the whispers I’ve talked to her with. Maybe I am just too optimistic to think what she is saying is not what she really wants. She is enjoying this! me! She is enjoying the moment where I hold her tight and devour into her lustfully. She wants it she just pulling the hard to get card. OKAY, I’m gonna play this with her.

I rock us to the music that was playing in the sitting room as I let my hands free… To her ass, her back the spine, her neck. Making her feel me,my hands and what I want to do. Nibbling her at her neck and slowly rising. Her breaths near my ears…she’s getting into it. She slowly raises her head to meet mine and junction our noses together. She is afraid I can tell, she wants it but is too afraid to say it.

I look at her, and tilt to give her a smooth light kiss. I let go and tears run straight from her eyes. Boy this chick is really emotional, I kiss her again and wipe her tears carry her to the bedroom and lay her down to my bed. She makes it look different, I’m trying to be the romantic one!

“It’s okay…I’m here” I whisper at her ears while my body makes full contact with her. She is feeling it, I want her. I reach out for the kiss ,she doesn’t move, mmmh she getting into it. I kiss her tightly now, So does she. It is taking us to another world! My hands are on a wild trip everywhere on her. Softly and gently I hold her hair and pull her deep into my embrace of a searching kiss. Skillfully I remove my coat off her as I reach for the two magnificent hills at her chest. I devour on them softly, she moans as tears fall from her eyes. Now is this normal? My mind went into a wild uncomfortable trance before I could think of what was happening!

“I’m sorry…I …I can’t” she interrupted my thoughts as she hurriedly jumped off the bed fixing her top. I’m left astonished

“what the hell just happened!”my thoughts screamed at me.

I jumped out of bed and followed her

“Gloria! wait! Glo…..!”she is gone out. I look down there, the natural perpendicular 90Ÿ is vehemently outraged at the sheer lack of glue skills.

“aaaarrrgghh” I can’t follow her


I pace around like a stupid fool!




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