My heart was continuously aching thinking that could be the one. He must have, I mean I know we were children, naïve but now I know what he felt, what made me. He left me or did I let him be? He must have been the one, because how come the rest were just flap cakes ,why did he have to rise to ripen to be sweet while the rest weren’t doing anything to the same effect? I looked for him I wanted him again. I wanted a second chance to maybe just talk to him, see him maybe just have a handshake. A verification he was indeed alive I wanted this for close to six years now and I remember the fragrance on his letters ,the handwriting that came with it, his smile everything. He left no stone unturned and I only knew after years passed-talk of the passing era. He was the cinnamon in my bakery; the secret ingredient and I knew not. At times I figured the lord had taken him, I mourned I cried and felt ashamed of myself for I wasn’t able to reciprocate what he gave. I was selfish, egocentric and self-centered. I called God for a conversation and told him what I felt, begged for forgiveness. Day after day to dust I prayed for his soul that whatever happened or is happening to him may the Lord restore his soul. I lived in this, his actions. Maybe one day I will get to see him, maybe God will give me an opportunity to be his friend at most or him my guardian angel, that is what I want. Hear me wherever you are and come back to me, the one that got away, to you I write, his ever present nature!



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