In the advent of planning for the shoot my team met again as if to set everything perfect for the set shoot days, considering we were funding ourselves; students with no particular income to claim for the production, finances were a problem as always. Any way people were willing to bring their all and I was confident all was gone be alright until I got a call from my D.O.P.

In transit my D.O.P called and explained his worries on the script and requested a writer’s workshop for conscious. As I said earlier I needed my team comfortable with the script and possible film at hand and so when he requested for a workshop of conscious I agreed. Together with my 1st AD we went for the meeting that comprised of three different writers and my team totaling it to seven people .

Conscious! possibly the script that has made my head twitch in way too many different levels it hurts.

The meeting was good, eye opening and definitely informing. We read the script again and everybody said what they got from the script and how well to present it to the audience for a better understanding. Once again conscious will be going through some changes but I am not worried.

A film maker once told me “do not degrade your idea to conform to the society, instead give the society what it wants at the time and wait for it to call for it”



So conscious is on hold for now but another film is upcoming. #MURDER WEAPON#



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