Larry revived this topic on the trend last week, wait I think it started in the news first of this campus girl who dates older men and gets all the good life and stuff like that and people were all up in her business, how immoral she is, how can she do that, she is a cheap whore and the K.O.T were not forgiving as always I mean I think everyone was throwing one on how the girl had gone wrong ,with the likes of Antoneosoul and Shiku giving their opinions on the trend amongst many other people .Except me. I do not necessarily conform to her idea of living but if to live for her it means going with older men then so be it. We all know not all that are alive are living so, what are you doing with your life??

I think all these people are being hypocritical and applying double standards. You are here saying how immoral she is and how she lacks standard and even praise yourself for being where you are yet when we look into your life you’re no saint either! Hypocrites! Jesus called them, you who think you’re better than anyone else enough to brand them names what can you say about yourself?

spoiled apple with worm

Everybody has their reasons for what they do it, so before you stand up and throw your harsh judgment find the reason behind that action before branding her the name yet if given her shoe you wouldn’ t have done better! maybe even worse!


You praise your pal for having a string of girlfriends fucking different cunt every night and you’re here calling the girl a slut? nigga look at yourself first what would you be?

You married man, calling the girl immoral yet behind your wife’s back you proudly have a mpango wa kando! what would you call yourself, you’re the one that made the vows not her!

You man who calls her a gold digger what are you doing claiming to have a 20’s pussy! and bragging that to your 40’s years old friends…calling it “fresh meat…umeachana na sukuma wiki” what would you call yourself.

You woman calling her cheap and how she’s tarnishing the feminine image, have you looked at your history? how many have you slept with or is sleeping with? and your here passing judgments and names.

It takes the bad to know the good and a day to make a night, regardless of what you are or what you do, as long as you are human as anybody else you’ve got no right to brand any person least we open you up and see what name you truly. These things were always there and will always be there if nothing is done.

If you don’t like it do something about it not just rant-those are my mum’s words.

He said “whoever hasn’t sinned let him throw the first stone”.


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