I had stayed for long without riding, by long I mean months close to six, actually I think the last time I rode was in January. I knew I would suck at first but riding a horse is like riding a bicycle you never forget it, you will be rusty at first but definitely not totally forgetting it. I planned to start riding again at least have 1 hour of riding each week. That would translate to having a day off the weekend to ride for 1.30 hours or I would steal 30min lunch ride on the weekend;30 min on Saturday the other 30 on Sunday.

I started it this weekend.

Saturday- my day back on Icelegend. I had had my first fall on her as I did my first canter back in December last year and as I did my really perfect trot my canter was off the roof, literally. I was everywhere ,my positions were all wrong, I was bouncing all over ,I couldn’t control her ,I kept pulling to a trot and leaning forward as I cantered ,breathing with sheer disappointment, my legs were just wrong; my heels up and toes down-completely wrong positions for riding, even for the most basic of riding. My canter was just a mess! Sigh


I was really disappointed in myself, I had 1 hour riding and all I did was utter disappointment. I was hard on myself because I knew everything, I knew the right positions and in everything yet I did the wrong ones instead and plus I had had an hour or riding instead of the set thirty minutes of totally awesome riding. That was a disgrace. I did though understand that things will come slowly that I shouldn’t beat myself so hard coz I had stayed for long without riding and it will all come back to me slowly, but I’m no patient one and I had the rest if the afternoon passed with me sinking in my disappointed circle.

Sunday- now this is the day that deserves the title breaking the horse.

At 12.30 I set out to ride. My second attempt at it. Having had Icelegend one too many times and it being busy almost the whole day I chose to take a pony instead. If you have seen me you’ll see how heavy I seem to portray to the world so I choose a pony that I knew was strong enough for me. This was a different attempt on me and pretty daring knowing well how stubborn that horse is. Any way I did take Whisper, a big pony known well for being stubborn, backing and notorious for throwing people off its back.

Whisper it is. As always before any riding lesson you have a round of walk before collecting a trot, so I had my one round of walk with whisper taking its time to make any step, my attempted kicks didn’t do it any justice it took it’s time to walk, I knew exactly what to expect. It had already established the rider and it had decided we were going to play its game with it being the boss.

In horse riding there are two forces fighting; the horse and the rider. The rider should be the boss however if the horse senses your afraid or weak, you will seize to be no boss. It will take over and you (the team) -will do as it wants. Challenge now is to always make sure the horse knows you are the boss, and understand it has to do as instructed.


My instructor requested for a trot so I kicked whisper for a trot and after my many kicks it started trotting, after half the arena, it stopped suddenly and began its usual attempts of getting the rider off it’s back by backing its hind legs consequently throwing you off the air and if you’re not well positioned you will get off.


My many kicks and whips got lost in its stubborn head, I was determined to make him go by myself and so I held tight making sure my legs positions were right and even though it backed hard I stuck up there like a tick and after its glorious defeat I won and we had a good ride.


My trot was perfect, after a few rounds of trot I collected my canter. I was more stable on the canter and I even had three complete rounds of nonstop canter and later on started on a jump. I did two jumps though because that was my first try on a jump. I did not rest the whole time, it was rounds of 10meters,5 meters ,20 meters and full arena rounds of canters and trots. At the finish if it I was super exhausted but happy I had spent the exact 30 minutes and I was able to do all I wanted. Now that is what it means to have a good ride-it is just a different slice of heaven no knows about except the rider.


Breaking a horse-an expression used by riders to refer to making a stubborn horse conform to you

Trot-is a faster movement from a walk

Canter-is a horse movement that resembles a gallop but slower than a gallop and faster than a trot.



All riding levels have different riding positions. I can’t wait for next week, I will be having whisper again.



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