WORK: Day one, boy I had forgotten how cold this place was. Just one day after moving out of school I was called in for work on a Sunday. I had no problem waking up early in fact I was dreaming of seeing the horses again and I couldn’t wait. The previous night was a good night which was arguably spent well considering the nights I had spent in school(K.U’s bedbug problems and a bunch of deadlines to meet)this one I watched TV, fashion police and when normally I wouldn’t make a fuss out of it(out of watching TV), this I should because, well I couldn’t remember the last time I watched telly so you just got to bear with me. I was happy to just sit and watch fashion police not running around with your head clicking about the deadlines to meet and assignments to hand in or C.A.T’s to read for or better yet exams! I was relaxed and my day was better-I think that’s the best way to describe it ‘better ‘.


I was broke so yes the call was received in the affirmative and as I sat in I thought of how I had really missed the place, how I really wanted to see the stables and horses go say hi to Ice legend and Zawadi(my favorite horse and pony and even magical star-the horse that was in foul when I left). I was out the house by seven ;that’s aaam weird but yes I actually was out of the house by seven. To think that was the only thing that had changed ,I was proved wrong ,even my home has changed to some degree and I was marveling at how things were. Our lastborn is now the most talkative-yes I stand no chance when I’m with her so you imagine how much she actually talks and now she’s even beat me at being super active! my brother is now the cool guy and my mum is looking younger by the day-even younger than me! waaat!! she makes me wonder how she does that-I can’t help but stare at her in awe; doesn’t make any sense she even sexier aaarggh!-I mean isn’t it supposed to be the opposite-like she doesn’t get any better than I am ,right? but thinking about it, if I’m gonna age with style as she has then I’ve got problem. Finally the parking is under construction…FINALLY-we’ve…wait I’ve waited for years for this. Anyway back to my story, so I reach Karen ;a feeling of nostalgia hits me-the Langata road-signpost ,the 111 matatu’s and motor bikes that used to come get me, the Kenchic, the city clock, oh it is 8.05am, two more minutes to job, I enter the gate; all cool and set, the weather chilly as usual cars parked at the gate, a few fouls at the back jumping.


I go round greeting the horses and some of my colleagues that were around, the fouls have grown really big now. The ground is wet and green however some of the stables were demolished, my heart cries. I enter my office, a feeling of nostalgia –I look at the booking sheet , doesn’t seem to be busy maybe because of the previous rain(not a good weather for riding) and possibly because the holidays were just around the corner. I examine the book and see ice legend in for a booking and I immediately shift to remember my first canter and fall on her, her really bad miscarriage and I went to see her other foul-Ice waterfall-he’s getting really big now and preparations for getting him into racecourse for racing are underway. He should go have some work done and reduce all this weight he’s gained since I last saw him. He turned out to be a handsome young horse. I walk past him to see Magical star and her heavily pregnant stomach eating. Past her to see the legend racing horse Charlie’s angel and her broken leg, it’s getting better now she can stand on it and her limp is not as big as I left it. She is eating hay as well, she sees me staring at her and comes forth to great me. I had missed her. I can see Zawadi(the pony)looking at me a the opposite side if the stable but as I reach toward her ,the first booking arrive and time to stop my tour and do what actually made me come here. I arrange for everything and set them into their different arenas and their specific instructors. I am envious at them as I see all of them trying to collect a canter with Valentino and Ice legend thinking quietly -I wish it was me riding.

It‘s quieter than it used to be ;my mind wonders a lot and I almost wish I was sleeping. Out in to the fields, it’s lunch time already .I had already forgotten the trend here, mum warned me of eating something before leaving and I did not heed to her wise words so my stomach rumbles hard as if to ignore the message from my brain that we will not have anything for lunch. That leads me to sit on the dead logs in the fields looking at our small “maasai mara”-our small forest dedicated for pony rides alone. I think and my mind wonders almost into a sleep notch, well not entirely sleeping but recapping some memories of the good days, bad, awesome times as the sun’s heat hits hard my dark skin. My mind still wonders in a trance.





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