As planned earlier Elsie reminded us of the meeting time and date. Yeah you guessed it ; I’m talking about conscious. Maybe this was the most profound thing I felt we did on the pre-production stage of conscious. I had my team ready(the relevant people)my D.O.P (Kmani Wandaka), 1st AD (Hellen Masido a.k.a Sydo),production manager(Agatha Chebet),project manager(Elsie Opondo),myself (director) and the producer(Sandra Nyawira )* who later on came late* have a sit down and discuss on the script at hand.

Having being the script writer and knowing the complexity of the script I had to know what my team felt about the production they set themselves into, what they understood from it, the first message they got from it and just rough issues on the script. So everybody went round talking of what they felt about conscious , how they understood it and how they figured the market/audience would understand by it.

To say the least, they are very intelligent and creative people and each one of them got a glimpse of what conscious was all about. So after everyone of them talked I gave them what is saw in conscious since I had a better understanding. The debate(discussion )was revealing and to say the least took the group about three or more hours of discussion for an 8 paged script later on hopefully 8minute film. That’s just how complicated conscious is.


At the close, having heard the external critic as well as the teams opinion, conscious’ verdict was made. We(rather)I was going back to the drawing board to edit a few areas for a better understanding of the soon to be film .I was excited and frankly I felt an offload from my back, and that we were on the right track with conscious and I was confident despite all hurdles it will come out right. I am indeed looking forward for the shoot :).


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