So I wrote a this script in less than 15 minutes early one morning about two years ago. It is a short film called conscious. Well for now, maybe I’ll change the name depending on the critic I get on the script. This article is pretty much about it.

Under normal circumstances ,in production I am always ALWAYS the talent, never the crew or creative team, I always make sure I’m casted .I love being on set, it brings me a different joy nothing else does and it’s just liberating ;a chance to get out of this world (and frankly not to be me ) and actually survive, chance of killing people without the consequence of it.JI LOVE acting call me for anything I’ll answer. Then again when you go to film school, in my case K.U. your realize you had other talents within you. You get interested in other aspects of production that appeal to you.

You are taught about all the departments of filming (screenwriting, make-up, costume, D.O.P, lights ,sound directing ) e.t.c so yes I found out I had the ability to write, so I set out to exploit this gift. In a few years conscious was born.

Conscious is basically a script ,well ,soon to be short film about the brain and its healing capabilities. It encampuses the strong abilities of the brain to the erroneous human nature and how it metamorphoses’ to suit the character’s (person) feelings towards something. It touches on religion and sex and how it affects our outlook of the society in general hence determining the nature of our behavior ,personality and character without our knowledge of it.

So now two years off writing I figured it’s time to have conscious ready for the consumer and I am happy to pronounce that it will be produced and shot in June ,yes this coming June and yours truly will be directing it .J This is a good thing, I mean me directing the film considering this is my first production to be part of the creative team and plus it is my script and I know how well to portray the moments in the script. I’m shaking though ,maybe nervous would be the ideal way to call it and I just don’t know how it’s going to turn out however I have the best team behind me, and especially now I am confident it will be okay ,judging from my school radio project I directed that was really awesome. I am sure this will turn out okay. Wish me luck and pop in to see how filming works.



know what you’re brain can do and why



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