Thinking of the way the world displays the norms of life, you know, the man is supposed to lead in everything and maybe that may be true but not always …thing is we just let you, shocked?Well don’t be because if we want to we will take over…we just let it slide and to make you feel…you be a “man”. To save your egos a bunch of hurt feelings and your a bright day.That aside now lets talk matters of the heart,need to note I am no expert.Everybody got how they want their fairy tale to end,how we always force the dreams we create just before getting the real sleep,lying on the bed wishing this and that with this.Y’all should stop playing innocent I know I am not alone in this one.Dreams are good,at least they give us the option to be in a “good world  ” before realities hit us hard.

I personally, I like a man who owns me. The feeling you get  like you belong to some creature if may say,wanted by the same creature is just fulfilling and  trust me I tend to think I am not alone in this one, ladies can back me up. If he presents you to his friends as his wife chances are he is considering you for the future but if he is ashamed of you and cant present you to his friends, run …and fast.

Fellas you need to study your ladies see what she likes and how to approach her. Many people tell me am a hopeless love but I tend to oppose that feeling. I just live my life the way I want to with who I want to .Some will definitely call it selfish, self centered, egocentric but the truth is if it is not about you, who is it for? Y’all you need to learn that when God created this world he kept only one Adam in it, not two or three Adams and consequently you. So if its not about you, who is it about?

Guys need to learn that it takes a lot for a lady to make a move and if she displays all the clues the one thing you could do right is just uncover the clues. Try, read and get to learn her game because in any relationship there are games, I mean things that will make life interesting.

Do things that make you happy. Some of my friends will go through rough roads just to make her guy see her point or even to prove a point, I say that’s bullshit, I mean don’t take it the wrong way but who does that ?like really? if you want an apple why would you go through oranges and bananas to get it yet you could get it straight after an order? I say if you want  it, go get it, ladies you need to understand that men are very poor at reading signs and when on the other side we are good at puzzles they suck and trust you ,you will give him a half filled cup and he sees it as the most obvious, half full.

There is always two sides of looking at things ,either the cup is half full or half empty and when most people will see it as half full look at the remaining vacuum of the glass and answer the puzzle. Fill it up and do your thing. Ladies you have got to own and dictate what you have the way you want it. It’s about you.





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